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Alia Bensliman


She calls herself "Doodles Diary," which is an homage of sorts to her childhood, particularly about how she'd always wanted to have her own diary. Due to her dyslexia, "it was "always difficult for me to write," Alia explained. "The only way I could write about myself was to draw, to express my life with pictures." Her doodles end up becoming stories about her life. When asked how long she'd been doodling or creating, Alia jokingly says since she was in her mother's womb back in Tunisia, where she was born and lived. She actually met her husband, Khaled, in Tunisia, and while he grew up in Maryland, they settled on living in New Jersey about eight years ago, primarily due to his work but also because Alia fell in love with the history of the city of Trenton as well as the architecture of this great city.

In Tunisia, Alia did study art, but it was more of a design school that involved architecture (a.k.a. she knows a thing or two about AutoCAD), and while she did do some internships, that line of work didn't interest her. She soon fired up YouTube and learned how to make jewelry, and after attending workshops conducted by Susan Kazmer, Alia says she "fell in love" with working in mixed media. Alia's jewelry pieces involved recycling things like magazine paper and turning them into beads, utilizing some of her Tunisian flair and influences in the designs and really just having fun, as well as seeing where this style of jewelry making could take her

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