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The Androgynous God and the Art of North India

BSB Gallery is pleased to present The Androgynous God & the Art of North India presented by Peter Zirnis of The Ethnic Arts Foundation on Saturday, July 27th 1-3pm.

The Ethnic Arts Foundation (EAF), is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) all volunteer organization. Founded in 1980 with the mission to encourage and support Mithila art – a centuries old women’s art form in the Mithila region of India bordering Nepal.

The Androgynous God, Ardhanarishvara, is prominently featured throughout Mithila Art.
Ardhanarishvara means the Lord who is half woman. It refers to the God Shiva and his wife the goddess Parvati in the form where he is the right side of the body and she the left.

Peter Zirnis will discuss in detail, the importance of Ardhanarishvara throughout Mithila Art, its symbolism and ties to feminism. Zirnis was born in Latvia and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Zirnis was educated at New York University and the International Center for Photography. T eacher, computer programmer, photographer, curator, his interest in Mithila Art began with the purchase of some vibrant, energetic paintings in New Delhi some years ago. He makes yearly visits to Madhubani, advises painters, curates exhibitions, produces a blog on Mihtila artists, and assists with IT issues.

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