2019 Exhibition Proposal

We are currently accepting artistic and curatorial proposals for our 2019 season. Deadline for proposals is December, 31st at Midnight, 2018. Submission form and guidelines are below.

Selections are made by the BSB Gallery Exhibitions Committee. Selections are based on aesthetic merit, conceptual strength, and meaningful community components.

When writing your proposal you include how you intend to utilize the space, mediums you plan to use, (2-dimensional art, video installation, sculpture, performance, etc.), any specific electrical requirements, if this exhibition has been on display before, or if it is still in the planning phase. If the exhibit is in the planning phase, please indicate how much time you require to complete the exhibition for the public.  Exhibition proposals should include a description of the exhibit and explain the show’s intended purpose as well as why it will be valuable to the Trenton community. If there is a performance aspect to your exhibition, please indicate an approximate amount of performances you plan to have through the duration of the exhibition, along with the length of each performance.  Please indicate if this is a site specific proposal, or a general exhibition (both will be considered).

Please Note:

**Preference will be given to Trenton based artists.

***All exhibitions must contain a community component. This could include, but is not limited to an artist talk, panel discussion, or workshop.

***Exhibits without community components will not be considered.

**BSB Gallery will supply marketing materials, press releases, publicity on our website and social media channels.

**Insurance will be provided while work is in the gallery.

**The Gallery Commission is 30% of sale

**Your submission will not be considered complete until you email the following information to bsbgallery@trenton-downtown.com

**Be sure to label your subject line “Exhibition Proposal 2019 - First & Last Name

**CV (word doc.)

**Artist Bio (word doc.)

**A Minimum of 3 Jpeg images (300dpi). No Zip files.

**If you do not have finalized work completed, please send at least 3 sketch proposals in addition to 3 previous work samples.

An Image List with the Following:
Image #

Video Links or Files If Applicable

Name *
Phone *
If you are planning to curate a group exhibition, you may not include yourself as one of the artists.
Please include the First and Last Name of each artist you plan to include in your proposal
Be sure to include your community component