Denim Dog Showcase by Heemin Moon

Denim Dog Showcase by Heemin Moon

“I desire to attribute a new experience and entertainment to people by rediscovering and reinterpreting their ordinary life.”

-Heemin Moon

Heemin Moon

Heemin Moon is a graphic artist by trade with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Design,

from Gachon University, Seongnam , South Korea.

Moon’s graphic success has been displayed in the auction world of Bid Square, various book

covers and other NYC projects for private companies. Aside from his daily work, Moon’s passion

is creating 3 dimensional shapes using a variety of recycled materials, including paper, textiles

and plastic. He has a whimsical approach to design which began in his earlier work in Korea,

with the Dog Project, a special Exhibit at Gachon University that he curated at the request of

the University.

Moon has worked closely with I.T.S. GROUP, a textile agency owned by Dorothy McNee.

Aside from marketing environmentally friendly textiles to retailers and designers, her passion is

keeping product from landfills, whether it’s garments, furniture or textile remnants.

The current Moon Showcase was designed specifically for the vault at the BSB Gallery.

The inspiration came from the original vault doors and the overall space of this restored 1900’s

bank building. Moon has incorporated a modern attitude with old world charm, glitz, humor

and his unique animal shapes within a man’s domain.

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