Jason Norton

 Jason Norton is an emerging artist born and raised in Trenton, NJ. He creates in both 2D, 3D which allows a compound outlet for his expression. The ever-changing environment, nature, and imposing technologies on the "self" affect his knowledge and abilities to as an artist to create significant, meaningful art to the viewer. Hoping to portray his inner thoughts and struggles in these forms. Jason's work amplifies his acceptance of the past, and present memories, thoughts, anxieties that occur. The forms, materials, involved in his works are his way of bringing recognition of the dormant media that lay in the unconscious mind. This is done in a variety of mediums and substrates including canvas, wood, found objects, metals. The metal represents the defiant and resilient attributes of materials in his mind. Jason enjoys committing "traditional" sculpture techniques in his production. Such as casting, wax and clay modeling. He feels the aesthetics of his work releases efficiently with these processes.  Jason's goal is to induce the viewer to react and come away with his/her unique awareness and personal experience while viewing his paintings, photography, and sculptures. To illuminate their most profound thoughts, feelings, insecurities that influx everyday emotions and valiantly confront them in any creative way bravely and feasible.

"Transformation" represents the resilient nature of the human soul, the ability to transform ourselves through life's complex obstacles and barriers set in our everyday paths.

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