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Lori Johansson


Lori Jensen Johansson is a multimedia artist living in the Trenton area. She draws creative inspiration from her environment, with nature and concepts of humanity compelling her to create art. Her work varies in materials, including but not limited to acrylics, watercolor, spray paint, drawing mediums, wood burning, and some metal elements. 

Lori enjoys doing art at community events such as Windows of Soul, Art All Night, Art Making Day, Art All Day, Jersey Fresh Jam, and Soul of the Message.  She has done murals in several locations in Trenton, including Capital City Farm and Championship Bar.

Lori received a Bachelor degree in Studio Art from Goucher College, graduating with Honors in Art. She studied art for a semester abroad in Siena, Italy. She taught adult art classes at the St. Neris Phillips Community Center in Pennsylvania and was an art instructor for the Boys & Girls Club 21st Century After School program through Artworks.

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