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BSB Gallery & Trenton Downtown Association Present

The Kitab Series

Jewels of Arabic Calligraphy

An Encounter with the Arts of the Islamic World

A Solo Exhibition by Award Winning Artist, Mariam Rajput

TRENTON, N.J., (June 15, 2019)--BSB Gallery is pleased to present the Solo Exhibition of award winning artist and Arabic Calligrphist, Mariam Rajput.  Rajput’s inspiration is derived from Islamic Texts and Persian poetry to convey a message of understanding and cultural inclusiveness. Her artwork will feature inspirations from celebrated poets such as Rumi and Khalil Gibran, hand painted in Persian calligraphy. Rajput’s work tackles a difficult and emotive issue in American culture without being didactic or heavy handed. The work is neither meant to be a religious lesson, or a sermon, and provides no answers, but instead creates a contemplative space that encourages the audience to think about the beauty of Islamic Illumination and Arabic Calligraphy in a way that engenders a sense of hope and the possibility of change.

The Kitab Series:  Jewels of Arabic Calligraphy will feature conceptual paintings inspired by Islamic Manuscripts and an era of Persian Illumination dating back to the 13th and 14th century in the Middle East. Each painting has been meticulously planned, hand sketched and drenched in 24k Gold, Walnut ink and gouache. Rajput’s Kitab Series was created in the ways of the old masters, using a compass and a ruler to set the foreground for paintings rich in details and design. 

Rajput is a Graduate of Stockton University with a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis with a Minor In Clinical Psychology. Her perception of Art incorporates a dynamic message meant to span across diverse cultural backgrounds and levels of perceptive thought. In recognition of her positive influence on her community and philanthropic efforts, Rajput was recently awarded the Women's Empowerment Award from WomanUP! in Philadelphia in 2018. 

Rajput's work has been commissioned by private organizations and auctioned for thousands of dollars in support of causes supporting women's rights, education, and free legal services for victims of violence, hate crimes and islamophobia. Last year, her collection sold out within weeks of release, allowing Rajput to complete private donation and funding requests for needy families in her hometown of Queens, New York. Rajput's work has been acquired by corporate and private collections, including for members of the Jordanian and UAE Royal Families, the British Private Collective and numerous private collections in the United States, Canada, and Internationally.

Curator Christy O’Connor states “You can see the intensive labor Mariam Rajput puts into her work from the detailed elements of her hand painted motifs and Persian calligraphy.  The inspiration drawn from this series of inclusivity and peace is seen through her works’ serene color palette and organic abstractions. I hope that by exhibiting this collection at BSB Gallery we continue to inspire inclusion and celebrate the many differences we share throughout the city of Trenton.”

Join us on Saturday, July 6th, 5-8pm for the opening reception of The Kitab Series.  You will have the opportunity to meet the artist, hear a brief artist introduction, and enjoy light refreshments with our artist community.

For attendees that would like to learn more about Rajput and Arabic calligraphy, the artist will be presenting a live Arabic calligraphy demonstration on Saturday, July 13th, at 1pm.  Mariam will introduce variations of traditional Arabic scripts, the function and quality of each one and the dense writing techniques used to create them; including Maghrebi calligraphy, an art of Arabic lettering used in the early 13th century in the middle east. Mariam’s live demonstration will conclude with an open talk with the artist, allowing collectors and art lovers alike to explore the inspirations behind the movement of numerous works. This open dialogue serves to create a deeper understanding of the delicate art of Islamic illumination and the inspirations behind each work presented during the exhibition. The presentation promises to delve into the expressive possibilities of calligraphic lettering, moving beyond the rules of writing and language to explore the importance of exceptional manuscripts preserved by powerful sultans, queens and viziers. 

The Kitab Series runs from Friday, July 5th through Saturday, August 3rd, 2019, Thursday-Saturday, 11am-5pm, 143 East State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608.

For more information on The Kitab Series or to learn about upcoming exhibits, please visit @bsbgallery on Facebook or email


Warrior Women

August 8th-31st

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 10th

One year ago, Julie Harris was diagnosed with bi-lateral breast cancer and was inspired to create a large-scale installation of photo intaglio print objects to reflect the staggering statistics that one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Warrior Women was created to engage and educate viewers on the impact of this deadly disease, showcasing women who are affected by breast cancer and survivors.

More details coming soon!