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Streets Keep Callin’ Installation

Streets Keep Callin’ is a mixed media installation that transforms BSB Gallery into the street. The viewer is transported into a forgotten land of style, color and texture. You can almost hear the train horns and factories humming. The installation combines photography, painting and various found objects into an multimedia environment. The installation was designed and conceptualized by Leon Rainbow. Stickers and Tags by Various Artists. Painted and installed by Leon Rainbow and Brendon Lopez. Created for the“Scrapped” exhibit at BSB Gallery in Trenton, NJ, March 2019.


Leon Rainbow is an artist in Trenton NJ who creatively combines graffiti, street art and other artistic forms into innovative projects and events. He reaches out to wide audience, from galleries to the walls of inner cities. As Debra Miller of […] points out, “Despite his tribal descent, he embraces the city and its cosmopolitan population in a contemporary style.”

Image by Andrew Wilkinson

Image by Andrew Wilkinson

Leon learned how to do simple and block letters from an early age and has been drawing and creating art ever since. Leon built on this foundation and exaggerated the letters into elaborate forms and styles and drafted a strong connection to hip-hop culture.

Maturing spiritually and artistically, Leon realizes that his art is a channel for deeper expression. He applies fine arts composition and principles to his work which allows him to react and visually educate on social issues and current events.  He uses styles that his young audience can relate to and designs his visual media with a powerful spiritual message. Leon believes that his approach allows him to reach a wide variety of people: “Anyone who looks at my art sees something beautiful – it might just be color, shape or form – or they can tune into the narrative. My goal is to make art that resonates on several levels.”

Annually, Leon curates two art festivals in New Jersey for area painters and the community as well as dedicating his civic duty to teaching several workshops for the Trenton After-School Program.

Leon continues to evolve his art by taking lettering into dimensional media, as well as fashion. His knowledge of Graffiti Art History remixed with new materials and styles alter the perception of this art form to present a positive message.

For more information on Leon and his work visit his website