The Fantasy of a Manikin Creator


Qaysean also known as the Real-Life Manikin is a celebrated fashion designer born and raised in Trenton NJ.

Being the creator of luxury streetwear brand 'ManikinMob' Qaysean’s unique skill of fashion design has allowed him to design garments for many entertainment elites such as: June's DiaryPrincess (Crime Mob), Trina, Love and Hip Hop's Brittany Taylor, DJ Diamond Kuts, Sommore,  & Khia. Qaysean has been seen on Vh1's basketball wives Season 3, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reunion show, and gained recognition attending the  BET Awards 2018

Qaysean also has been featured on major fashion publications for his style such as: FashionBombDaily. Qaysean experienced a nerve injury at birth due to a mistake disabling his left arm. With the use of one arm Qaysean didn’t use it as an excuse and continued pursuing the visions of becoming a successful entity in the world of fashion.

Qaysean received the nickname "TheOneHandSewingMan" because of his ability to cut and sew gowns, tuxedos, outerwear, and accessories all while only being able to use one arm. The designer uses what was considered a disability into a super ability to show those in the world who are born different that it is important to love who they are completely and to never allow limitations placed on them via society or even themselves to stop them from achieving their dreams. Qaysean created a YouTube channel 'TheOneHandSewingMan' that provides sewing insight, motivational encouragement, and lifestyle as a designer. He volunteers his talent to nonprofit organization's in Trenton NJ such and Prom Scholar , Minding Our Business youth entrepreneurship program, and his own contributions through ‘ManikinProm’ , he produces fashion events to bring young entrepreneurs network in NJ together, he developed a custom design fashion service providing everyday men and women with high end custom made garments made to fit each and every client's specific taste. Qaysean is currently completing his second degree in fashion studies at Montclair State University and using his talents to inspire the world.

For more information on Qaysean, or to view and purchase his designs check out his website below.


Building his iconic brand Manikin, Qaysean continues to inspire many. Video created and edited by Brut.

"I am the Real-Life Manikin and each day I will come to life and give life!" - Qaysean

Manikin Mob Designs

Manikin Mob Designs