Vibrant Mood Swings
By Scott Lewis

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Scott Lewis

The Anxiety Side Show Creator

My original artistic ambition was that of painter and illustrator. Yet as time went on I found that

I approached my works almost as a playwright or screen writer. My works have complex

characters facing intense situations in dense environments. I see my subjects as being almost

inside out, both textually and emotionally. Their thoughts, feelings and moods manifesting into

a visual representation. I felt short titles did not truly explain the personalities and actions taking

place on my canvases and boards. I found when discussing my art, I would become a storyteller

explaining the situations and playing all the parts. This led me to developing and writing short

stories to accompany my art. These stories act almost in place of me discussing my art. I now

feel that my written stories and paintings/drawings are symbiotic. My words have now become

part of me as an artist. I feel this has been an outgrowth of my initial creative goals and has

further enabled to focus on molding multi-dimension characters.

I have always been fascinated by what lays beneath the surface of the shiny, clean and

accepted.  The carnival that once was new and bright but is now creaky and run down.  The

faded elegance of an old tuxedo being worn by one believes “that is the proper way to

dress“.  The surgically enhanced body.  Brilliant paint chipping away to reveal a rusted damaged

under body. 

Growing up one of my influences was the transparent anatomy pages that when flipped reveal

blood and muscles intense and brilliant. I take a similar approach in shaping my subjects. I want

to expose them. I want to peel away layers. The layers include what they are thinking, their urges

and how they see themselves.  Who they are becomes how they look and how they interact with

each other. These are stories some true, some imagined and some an outgrowth of a thought or

idea. Each work I am submitting has its own tale to tell. But taken as a whole, the images, stories

and characters blend together to give what I feel are my complete vision.

Not only known for his paintings, Scott Lewis is the co-creator, writer and host of the legendary public access show, “The Scott and Gary Show”, a tongue in cheek mash-up of 1960’s TV dance parties. The show featured 1980’s indie bands such as the Beastie Boys and the Butthole Surfers performing live in the embryonic stages of their careers. Retrospectives of the program have screened at The Museum of the Moving Image, New York Underground Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival and other film festivals across the country. Scott’s other solo exhibits have included the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, PhilaMOCA, The Chocolate Factory, Buzzer Thirty, Jungle Science and Index Art.