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Tamara Torres

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Artist Tamara Torres is a native of Trenton, New Jersey and a citizen of the world. In her youth, she survived abuse, discrimination, and homelessness, and in her art, she has taken up the cause of abused, disadvantaged and disenfranchised women throughout the globe. Torres’ photography and photo-based art is unflinching, yet uplifting, intended to inspire women to create a visual and mental revolution. Her art has been exhibited in Trenton, New York, Scotland, London, Rome, and Italy. Torres is currently working on a new series entitled "La Feminista" Soy Yo? {The Feminist. Am I ? } Have feminism become a trendy superficial new wave of expressing equality? Does the word "Feminist" hold the same foundation to women of color, in our country or globally? In a series of self-portraits and photographic portraits of women of color, Torres brings to life another political, uncomfortable, and intrusive topic.

Torres will be displaying a series of abstracts as part of her collection which has always been a private conversation and a liberating expression in her work.  Torres say's “Every time I create an abstract it is a piece of me it’s intrusive, liberating, sexual, complicated, and absolutely not reproduced.

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