The Gown: Affinity

by Jan Huling

BSB Gallery is proud to present Jan Huling’s The Gown: Affinity now through January 2019. The Gown has shown at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and Pen & Brush Gallery in Manhattan. It has won best in show in sculpture from Fiber Arts Now and has been praised in the Baltimore Sun Newspaper.


About the Artist

Jan Schwab Huling was born in Chicago and raised in St. Louis. After earning a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the Kansas City Art Institute her career began with Hallmark Cards. She then migrated to New York working as a product designer, children’s book author and now beadist.

The spectrum of Jan’s beadwork is diverse, from the very first beaded kazoo, to whole table tops. She’ll transform just about any object into a dreamy piece of ornamental luxury. Sorry Mr. Van der Roe, less just isn’t more when we are talking about the scintillating qualities of Jan’s beadwork. She’s not a nudist nor even a Buddhist, Jan is a BEADIST practicing a labor of love within her studio across New York’s great Hudson River in Hoboken.


The Gown: Affinity is a sculpture based off of a wedding dress that circulated throughout Huling’s family across generations. Shared by Jan, her mother, and two of her aunts, this work was a memorial for those who had past, and a labor of love for her family legacy.


Huling created this magnificent work in a five month period. She 3-D printed the sculptural base from her family’s shared wedding dress. From there, she hand beaded the work day and night, adding very personal beads and bobbles to represent memories of her mother and aunts.