Fantasy Of A Manikin

June 1st-June 29th

Opening Reception: Saturday June 1st - 5-8pm

The Fantasy of a Manikin exhibition dives deep into the creative mind of Couturier Qaysean Williams. From galactic street-wear to goddess worthy gowns, Qaysean brings fantasy to life through his hand sewn designs and electrifying creative vision.


The Kitab Series - Jewels of Arabic Calligraphy

An Encounter with the Arts of the Islamic World

July 5th-August 3rd

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 6th

Influenced by her American and Pakistani roots, Award Winning Artist and Arabic Calligraphist, Mariam Rajput, has a passionate interest in the art of the Islamic World. Rajput's work is a culmination of abstract, modernistic painting techniques and the ancient arts of Islamic Illumination, arabesque patterns, calligraphy and sacred geometry.


Warrior Women

August 8th-31st

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 10th

One year ago, I was diagnosed with bi-lateral breast cancer and was inspired to create a large-scale installation of photo intaglio print objects to reflect the staggering statistics that one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Warrior Women was created to engage and educate viewers on the impact of this deadly disease, showcasing women who are affected by breast cancer and survivors.



September 5th-October 5th

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 7th

Néstor Armando Gil is a Cuban-American artist born in 1971 in Jacksonville, Florida.  He completed a BA in Humanities at New College of Florida, and an MFA in Studio Art at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Nestor has been in residence, delivered artist talks, and exhibited work across the United States and internationally. Néstor is a sculptor, performance artist, and avid baker.


Anxiety Side Show

October 10th-November 2nd

Opening Reception: Saturday, October,12th

Welcome to the beautiful and chaotic world of painter, mixed media artist and performer, Scott Lewis!  


A Journey To Paint / Home is Where…

November 7th-December 7th

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 9th


Open Call Group Exhibition

December 14th- January 4th

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 9th

Information coming soon!




January 9th- February 8th

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 11th

“Badlands” is a new series of experimental works created by sculptor Dominic Sansone relying heavily on everyday building materials easily accessible at local hardware stores and found objects.

A collection of pedestal based and free-standing sculpture along with tactile, relief style “paintings”, form the basis for the proposed exhibition which addresses themes of environmental, social, and infrastructural decay in our society.


Collective Expeditions

February 20th-March 15th

Opening Reception: February 22nd

Featuring artists, Olivia Baldwin, Kyle Cottier, Sarah Potter, Elisa Pritzker and Greg Slick, “Collective Expeditions” will include multimedia works and performance that would reveal the deep meanings of long-buried cultures. The purpose of their is to look back in order to look forward as a dialog about the importance of memory -understanding of the past- and the implications for the future of the community.