Anxiety Side Show

October 10th-November 2nd

Opening Reception: Saturday, October,12th

Welcome to the beautiful and chaotic world of painter, mixed media artist and performer, Scott Lewis!  


Road Maps: Navigating Moments

November 7th-December 7th

Opening Reception: Friday, November 8th

Two separate solo exhibitions featuring: Paintings and Mixed Media Works by Tali Margolin and Heidi Sussman


Every Ghetto, Every City

December 14th- January 4th

Opening Reception: Friday, December 13th

Every Ghetto, Every City examines city life, from corruption to inequality and the communal spirit of perseverance and strength within our urban communities.

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January 9th- February 8th

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 11th

“Badlands” is a new series of experimental works created by sculptor Dominic Sansone relying heavily on everyday building materials easily accessible at local hardware stores and found objects.

A collection of pedestal based and free-standing sculpture along with tactile, relief style “paintings”, form the basis for the proposed exhibition which addresses themes of environmental, social, and infrastructural decay in our society.


Collective Expeditions

February 20th-March 15th

Opening Reception: February 22nd

Featuring artists, Olivia Baldwin, Kyle Cottier, Sarah Potter, Elisa Pritzker and Greg Slick, “Collective Expeditions” will include multimedia works and performance that would reveal the deep meanings of long-buried cultures. The purpose of their work is to look back in order to look forward as a dialog about the importance of memory -understanding of the past- and the implications for the future of the community.