“Journey Through Memories”—Preserving a Memory

Taught by Visiting Artist Tali Margolin

Participants are encouraged to explore technique of creating artwork using cardboard, paper, ordinary objects and photographs. With the help of these simple materials we will make mixed media works, where ordinary objects become transformed into precious carriers of experience and memories. 

The workshop doesn’t require previous experience in this technique. It is open to participants of all artistic abilities. A willingness to engage in the artistic process and to be open to new possibilities is strongly encouraged. A professional artist will provide guidance on how to create mixed-media artwork, and will share her tips for improving the work. Participants are invited to choose one of the provided small items or bring their own objects they would like to “preserve”. Together we will create, explore and better understand art in its various forms.

Saturday, November 9th 1-3pm


“A Journey to Paint”— A Painting Party with Music

Taught by Visiting Artist Heidi Sussman

Let music be your muse as you take a journey to paint and create a piece of art that you can take home with you. To create a piece of art from some paint and a blank canvas is within everyone’s capability as you “unleash your inner artist.”

After a brief talk about taking A Journey to Paint, Sussman will invite participants to create a painting of their own. 

“As a teaching artist I find the biggest obstacle for my students, especially the adults, is fear. They sometimes put unnecessary expectations on themselves thinking everything they do must be a masterpiece. “

Palette knives, and brushes will be available for students to experiment with. See how easy it is to apply paint with a palette knife and create new colors as the paint is mixed and blended directly on the canvas!

Saturday, November 16th 1-3pm